IPA member update March 2014

Dear IPA member,

A busy year has gone by behind the scenes at IPA.

Most of our time and energy has gone into planning the next IPA conference, working together with the IPWG and ISHS. Organising the IPA conferences is without doubt the most important function that IPA can perform for the industry. Please put in your diary 20 –24 August 2015, Perth, Australia. The conference website is ready, where you can register your interest and receive important information about the conference http://protea-new-ornamentals2015.org/. An important feature of the Perth conference in 2015 is that IPA is also hosting the ISHS symposium on New Ornamentals. The conference features formal presentations as well as field trips, and we are pleased to include a visit to Kings Park Botanic Garden which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015.

I can remember at the IPA  conference in Tenerife in 2000, Carver Wilson of Hawai’i invited us all to travel to Hawai’i in 2002 for the following IPA conference. I can’t remember the exact sum, but Carver had it all worked out – saving a very small amount each week (just a few dollars, I think it was) would add up to an amount sufficient to go to the conference in Hawai’i. Since attending my first IPA conference in 1995 (Zimbabwe), the Hawai’i conference is one of the two that I have missed, and I often think of how I should have followed Carver’s advice. Anyone can learn from their own experience; it is a wise person who can learn from someone else’s. See you in Perth!

Also of significance in the last year is the hard work of the editorial team and their volunteer reviewers in getting the Acta Horiculturae from the conference in Chile published. Those of you who were at the conference should be receiving your copy shortly. Well done to all involved.

The Acta Horticulturae is one way in which IPA can help distribute information through the industry. The other is through industry magazines. The IPA board is focussing our efforts on getting publications in FloraCulture International magazine, as this has the widest distribution and serves to promote our products globally, as well as inform our members. IPA member and colleague, How-Chiun Wu of Taiwan, has generously agreed to take on the role of Journal Coordinator, and will be contacting you – perhaps he has already – to ask for articles to be written for publication in FCI magazine. We have established a small group to help How-Chiun with editing articles for the magazine. The first IPA articles have already appeared in recent issues of FCI. Have a look at their digital magazine http://www.floraculture.eu/?page_id=15777 . The news item of the IPA conference in Perth in 2015 is listed as one of the most read articles – see the photo of delegates in Chile!

Our updated IPA website is now live https://www.ipa-protea.org/wp/! A change in programming language makes it easier to add content and to keep the website current and informative. An important new feature that we would like to add is the ability of IPA members to post a short business profile on the IPA website, adding to their global visibility and potential market.

The IPA board reluctantly accepted the resignation of board member Lennart Loven. Lennart has served calmly and confidently yet now has other priorities that need his attention.  Thank you Lennart. We also have had a change of secretary/treasurer with Marius Huysamer handing over to Lynn Hoffman in South Africa. HortGro services continue to manage IPA administration and finances under the guidance of Lynn. Marius, thank you for your contribution. Both Lennart and Marius are still involved in the flower industry and we look forward to seeing them at future IPA activities.

Just a reminder of the members of the IPA council  – your first point of contact for IPA in each member country. If you do not have the email address of your local council member, please contact admin at HortGro.

Australia  Audrey Gerber

Israel        Moshe Reuveni

Azores      António Domingues

New Zealand       Geoff Jewell

California, USA     Rua Petty

Portugal     Mário Oliviera

Canary Islands      Antonio Lopez  (previously Lennart Loven)

South Africa          Lynn Hoffman   (previously Marius Huysamer)

Chile            Christina Gregorczyk

Zimbabwe   Clive Wakefield

Hawaii         Tony Bayaoa

This message would be incomplete if I failed to include a farewell to Dr Phil Parvin, who passed away at home in Florida on September 17 2013. Those of you who have been in the industry for a while will know that Dr Parvin was one of our valued pioneers, and how much he will be missed. Recognition of his life and achievements is posted on the new website.

There is a lot more that has been happening that you will read about on the website and in FCI magazine. I hope that you will appreciate the value of IPA membership; you will soon be receiving an invoice for 2014 membership. The IPA board looks forward to your support for another year in the lead up to Perth 2015.


Audrey Gerber

Chair:  International Protea Association

Tel: +44 755 735 8729   E-mail: audrey@gerbermail.com.au

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IPA Secretariat:  258 Main Street,  Paarl ,  Western Cape ,  South Africa , 7646

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