e-book on Proteas Propagation – Dr Juan Alberto Rodriguez-Pérez

In this book the different methods used in the propagation of South African proteas are described: by seed, stem cuttings, budding, grafting and micropropagation.

In seed propagation, detailed information on the types of seed, seed dormancy, seed disinfection, sowing time, sowing, fungicide treatment and transplanting is given.

In stem cuttings propagation, the book treats of the installations needed for stem cuttings rooting, the environmental conditions for the success of the process (humidity, light, bottom heat, rooting media), the growth regulators, the basal wounding, the beds, trays, pots and bags used in rooting, the cuttings harvesting and preparation, and the care of cuttings during and after rooting.

Leaf bud cuttings have been used in the propagation of some proteas. Cuttings preparation, planting and care during and after rooting is explained.

Wedge, budding and splice or whip grafting of proteas are described in detail. Rootstocks for the more popular species and cultivars are recommended.

Finally, research works on micropropagation of the some proteas carried out in universities and research centers in the main producing areas are treated, providing with information on the type of explants, culture media, etc.


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