Protea Cultivation: From concept to carton – Dr Gerhard Malan

This is a long awaited book on the A to Z of fynbos (Protea) production. Although the major focus is on production and cultivation practises in South Africa, the author Gerhard Malan has drawn on his experience as a consultant in Portugal and Spain amongst others to also include cultivation practises in these regions. The 298 page book is made up of 13 Chapters that flow in a logical sequence.

Overall, this book is must have for any prospective or practising Protea farmer, both in South Africa and internationally. The book is also suitable for any under graduate course in fynbos cultivation and it is further recommended that any post graduate student wishing to conduct research on Proteaceae spp. should read this book to gain insight into the industry and the phenology, cultivation and marketing of these unique and indigenous floricultural species.

LYNN HOFFMAN- Lecturer in Horticulture and Fynbos researcher

This book is a must read for any newcomer to the commercial fynbos industry. Every little detail of practical fynbos farming is discussed and 20 years’ experience is shared in laymen’s terms. Even though it is written in plain and simple language the facts are based on proven research or on-farm trials and applicable to modern day scientific farming. In relation to other crops such as fruit or vines the fynbos industry has limited knowledge resources which are often difficult to access, making this all-in-one guide a very unique and valuable resource to the South African fynbos industry. Even producers and extension officers in other countries with different climatic and soil conditions will find this guide very useful in explaining the rationale behind many of the principles used in fynbos farming.


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